Allowing support

Well every day I am a bit better.
I have been hearing from so many old friends who have had their own brush with cancer - so wish I had known their stories and been able to send them love sooner. 
This brings up a point for me... there are so many times in our lives when we get scared, get small, take things on on our own, do not reach out, hide out - yes I am totally guilty of this myself.....
and I realize that this does not help us. 
This way of being keeps us small, scared and alone. This tendency also robs us of community and it prevents others from being able to help and support us. It keeps our separate and alone in play and does not allow for us to be fully present to what we share and how much love and support is out there and truly available to us everyday. It keeps us all from sharing our gifts and talents with each other and supports the ideas of scarcity and isolation. 
So I am continuing to fight my separate and alone ( I am so tough and capable) tendencies and am surrendering to vulnerability and acceptance of support and love as much as I can every day - this is not always easy as it has not been the thing I have practiced very much in my life thus far! I do see that letting others help me allows them to be capable and giving and opens space for more sharing and more love. 
So here is to yet more life lessons gleaned from a difficult set of circumstances....and to my friend Faith who set up a fund raising site to help me pay the high deductable on my self employed health insurance policy - - eeeeks out of comfort Zone and still smiling.
Allow, accept, smile, give thanks, open your heart, and share your gifts
Thanks to all of you for your love, support and wisdom.

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