It is a beautiful hazy summer day in the Green Mountain state - Blueberries are in prime season and peaches are soon to arrive! There is a great article in ODE Magazine this month called "Get juiced" about the health benefits of berries...pretty interesting I suggest you check it out!  
Also in this issue there is a really incredible article on connection called 'No such thing as a thing" which is an edited excerpt from author Lynne McTaggart's new book called The Bond -  take a look, amazing.
On another note I am working on plans for a 6 week coaching workshop in the Brattleboro area and will be posting dates and workshop topics soon.
Also I will be riding in the Harpoon point to point a fundraising road bike tour that raises money for the Vermont food bank.
As a group the "West Hill Women",  Maria Basescu, Cynthia Payne-Meyer, Betsy Williams and I will be riding 115 miles on Saturday August 13th....Maria, Cynthia and I road 75 miles this past Sunday in one of many training rides and we believe we are ready.  
So it is summer - get out there and walk, hike, bike, paddle, surf, swim, garden, star gaze and enjoy!