Are you tired of being tired....of the stress? 
Are you dreading the holiday onslaught?
Do you want to change this?
Get ahead of the curve and get your self supported!

***Pre-Holiday Stress Reduction…..
Six weeks to de-stress, simplify and activate your life***

Sign up for 6 weeks of coaching with me to transform your life and create the ease and focus you have been looking for to gain more enjoyment in your life and move your self forward powerfully.
-       Discover what you really want your life to look like
-       Create clarity around what supports you
-       Design the action plan to move you forward
-       Be in action with accountability

Let’s get started now:
What you get:
-       6 - 1 hour coaching sessions over 6 weeks – via phone or Skype
-       Exercises and Practices to discover what is next for you
-       Design tools to create and implement your plan
-       Support structures to get you supported and keep you in action

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What is your path?
Kirsten Jeppesen
Professional Life Coach - What is your next life adventure?
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