Life is just a Leap of Faith!

Feeling so inspired by this song every time I hear it!
You have to be and do and put yourself out there to make anything happen...
Sometimes you crash to the ground and other times you soar - and each time you learn more.
"he did not know he could not fly and so he did!"
"spread you arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape"
Always a cape somewhere around to catch you....or not, depending on what you are needing to learn next...sometimes we need to experience the cuts and bruises even though painful - we all have our ways of learning....and learning to believe we can fly.

Enjoy this video and song by Guy Clark

1st post surgery Dr. Appointment tomorrow at Dartmouth Hitchcock - 
Looking forward to be healed enough to start the chemo sooner then later.  Feeling good today need to stretch more my back is taking the brunt of non working abdominal muscles.
Love and light and happy stretching.

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